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Background of "Chong Accounting"

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

We started small, individually, as a #Microenterprise, as sole proprietor, as lone ranger, as freelancer.

In October 2018, CHONG Kong Hui and ONG Teck Ho, we merged the business together in CNPS Advisory PLT and grow faster than we can imagine, now becoming a Small Enterprise.

By MIA's requirement, we have to setup a new entity "CHONG ACCOUNTNG" as MIA Member Firm, No NF1817. For SSM purpose, we register Chong Accounting to "Chong Accounting PLT"

(Founders: CHONG Kong Hui and ONG Teck Ho)

Collectively, Chong Accounting and CNPS Advisory, we grow the business as CNPS GROUP, along the way we look for associates to be our future partner and to grow the career together, as a team, on long term perspective. 【事业共同体】

In 2019,

>> we work with more partners to establish our own Tax and Secretary department.

>> we start impose a one-time joining fee of RM1,000 and many prospect hesitated. Which is good for us, as we can focus on building a business that serve SMEs need instead of spending time to those not ready to build the career together.

>> Many asked, why charge a fee, shouldn't it be free.

Yes, most people will want you to join them as sub-contractor so of course they won't charge anything but we are looking for business-partner relationship. In business, there will be Investment; there will be Cost of Doing Business; there will be Goodwill.

Effective 1st April 2020, joining fee will be RM1,500 and we target to adjust it higher every year, to reflect the value we have build and the price worth paying to anyone to join us, instead of start from wherever he or she is. Those willing to pay means they are looking at a long term and mutually benefit arrangement for life. 【命运共同体】(after all, this will be our life long career with no retirement age)

By Turnover, CNPS Group has achieved more than RM300,000 in first 12 months of operation, placing us at "Small" enterprise level.

By Employees, if including the two partners, CNPS Group also qualified as "Small" enterprise.

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