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Compliance Officer (LLP)


Similar to a Company Secretary for Sdn Bhd as required under Companies Act 2016, each LLP requires a Compliance Officer as per Section 27 of the LLP Act 2012.


Any partner or partners can be appointed as Compliance Officer, if he/she

1) 18 years old and above; and

2) Malaysian Citizen or Permanent Resident; and

3) Usually living in Malaysia

OR a person qualified to act as secretary under the Companies Act 2016 also can be appointed as Compliance Officer.

What are COMPLIANCE OFFICER's duties and responsibilities?

  • answerable for the doing of all acts, matters and things as are required to be done by the LLP, including:

    • Maintain documents, to be kept at Registered Office

    • notify SSM on changes in particulars within 14 days

  • personally liable to all penalties including administrative penalties imposed on the LLP

Where to do Thumbprint verification?

Don't forget to bring MyKad and click on email to vertify first Waze or Grab to "Menara SSM" (Jalan Sentral, Kuala Lumpur) (Click here for Google Maps)

1) At Main Lobby, go to RIGHT for the Lift to Level 17.

2) Go to Level 17, Wisma SSM

3) Once reached Level 17, out from the lift, turn RIGHT, ask the information counter for LLP (Thumbprint verification) Counter

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