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Start a new SDN BHD

Layman term is Register a new company (Sdn Bhd)

Officially, we name it as "Incorporation of a Sdn. Bhd."

Today's technology (as well as the law) has enable us to conduct business without the need to travel and park, print and sign.

You can now do everything ONLINE, including

1) Providing information and documents (PDF)

2) Verifying Identify (#eKYC)

3) Sign document #Digitally

What should I do ?

1. Click here to fill the registration form for us to process the Registration.

2. Subscribe to our Premium Plan for us to proceed Registration and pay SSM RM1,010.00

3. Sign up an account at SigningCloud

  1. Digital Signature

  2. eKYC (electronic Know-Your-Customer) process

How much it cost to start a new SDN BHD ?

Get it [free] when you subscribe to our Premium Plan.

Only RM268 per month for 24 months, payable in advance every 6 months.

Thereafter, you can renew at Standard Plan.

RM138 per month, payable in advance every 6 months.

Premium Plan, including
  1. Only for new SDN BHD

  2. Unlimited Name Search (worth RM200)

  3. One-To-One meeting with Advisor (worth RM888)

  4. Setup of Financio - Cloud-Based Accounting Software (can access from Mobile app)(worth RM800)

  5. Setup of PayrollPanda - Cloud-Based Payroll software (worth RM500)

  6. SSM Fee for Annual Return (worth RM200)

  7. SSM Fee for Incorporation (worth RM1,010)

  8. SSM documents for opening of Bank Accounts

  9. Online shared library for all documents.

  10. Standard Plan (RM138 per month)

Standard Plan, RM138 per month including
  1. Monthly Retainer Fee

  2. Professional Fee for Annual Return (RM200/year)

  3. SSM Fee for Annual Return (RM150/year)

  4. Use of Registered Office (worth RM600/year)

  5. General Disbursement (no need bill piece by piece)


Why you don't want to under pay your staff ?

It is same for Company Secretary, if you under pay him/her, it is definitely not good for you because Company Secretary is officially an important member in your SDN BHD under #CompaniesAct2016

Below is an example of what #Cosec will do for you, helping Director making unnecessary mistakes.


Services above will be undertaken by


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