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Accountant Services

We are Accountants but SME bosses got confused, they thought bookkeepers also Accountant, young fresh graduate also Accountant.

Actually, Accountant is a regulated word, it means it is 'illegal' to use it unless you are a Member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) according to the Accountant Act 1967.

Accountant, beside being a member of MIA, must also be Competent and able to provide Professional Solutions, Business-minded in order to be a partner for SME.

An Accountant not only know how to balance the books or reconcile the accounts, but must be experienced, well versed with many aspect in business, including legal, technology, human resources etc.

CHONG ACCOUNTING provides the following support to SMEs (Sdn Bhd or LLP or Businesses)

1) Initial Services

  - Start the Company/business

  - Setup Accounting System

  - Setup Payroll

2) Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Tasks

  - Payroll Compliance

  - Tax Compliance

  - Companies Act 2016 Compliance

  - Audit Assurance (Sdn Bhd only)

3) Ad-Hoc Services

  - Advisory

  - IT Consultation

  - Cash Flow Projection

  - Financing Planning

* Chong Accounting works with numerous strategic partners to provide a wide range of comprehensive services to SMEs, some services listed above may be provided by respective Entity according to the law and regulation.

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