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Company Secretary Services

  1. What do Company Secretary (CoSec) do for SDN BHD ?

    1. CoSec helps Director to comply with Companies Act 2016 (CA2016)(A law that contains 620 Sections)

  2. How CoSec charges for their Services?​

    1. CoSec is a professional service regulated by SSM under Section 241 CA 2016​

    2. Section 241 of the CA 2016 requires any person who is qualified to act as a secretary and who desires to act as a secretary to register with the Registrar before he can act as a secretary

    3. CoSec will charge a recurring Monthly Retainer Fee of RM100 or more depending the size of the Company, the complexity of the Board and the Nature of Business

    4. CoSec will also charge for non-routine services which requires his/her time to advise, prepare, lodge and filing in order to comply with CA 2016.

  3. How do you Serve me / SMEs?

    1. CHONG ACCOUNTING PLT is working closely with CNPS GROUP.​

    2. CNPS COSEC SDN BHD (COSEC) as a member of CNPS GROUP, act as the Secretary Department for CHONG ACCOUNTING PLT.

    3. COSEC has three Secretaries to serve the SMEs, they are

      1. Ms. Joanne CHEE​, MAICSA member

      2. Mr. CHONG Kong Hui, MIA member

      3. Ms. Felicia Teo, MIA member

  4. What are your charges?​​

    1. Our incorporation fee is RM2,600 as we don't believe to sell cheap but charge more later and/or providing sub-standard services​

    2. Our Secretary Retainer Fee is billed quarterly in advance from RM300 onward 

    3. Click here for the list of other billable services.

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