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How can you incorporate a Sdn Bhd?

Yes, you don't need a Company Secretary to incorporate a Sdn Bhd (layman: how to setup a Sdn Bhd).

Option 1 - DIY (Do-IT-Yourself) Option 2 - Contact a Secretary Firm <click here to WhatsApp>

IF you choose OPTION 1

STEP 1 Click this link to read more

STEP 2 Sign up a MyCoID (

STEP 3 Visit SSM office for one-time Thumbprint verification (click here for guide)

STEP 4 Login to MyCoID to register/incorporate


STEP 6 Follow step by step (use of email address is recommended for Shareholders/Directors)

STEP 7 Pay RM1,000 and wait for email confirmation

Do remember, post incorporation, you are required to appoint a Company Secretary, approved by SSM under Section 235(2) #CA2016 within 30 days

For above, you also can contact us <click here to WhatsApp>

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