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A visit to SSM office (Menara SSM@Sentral)

On the way to Pullman Bangsar this morning for 2nd day of a 2-day workshop on "Company Secretary Practice for Accountants" organised by #MIA Waze guided me passing by KL Sentral and I decided to detour to Menara SSM@Sentral to activate MyCoID (for 2nd time, first time as general user, this time as Professional User).

Going to SSM

Step 1 - Go to

<click link to Map>

Step 2 - Go to Level 17 (for SDN BHD and LLP matters)

Step 3 - Go to Counter No 10 to take Number Step 4 - wait for your turn

Reached SSM office before 7:50 am so just have to wait, already about 6 person there, they seem like the 'regular'.

The process took less than 10 minutes once the counter 'opened' for Queue Number at 0815 sharp.


No 1 - Direct Incorporation (of a Sdn Bhd)

No 2 - Application for registration of name No 3 - Application for extension of name reservation period

No 4 - Incorporation of reserved name

No 5 - Appoint Professional Company Secretary (appointment of first company secretary)

No 6 - Lodgement of Constitution (fee for e-Stemping RM200 as per Stamp Act 1949)

No 7 - Return on Allotment of Shares (ROA)

No 8 - Notification of Change in the Register of Member (ROM)

No 9 - Notification of Change in Registered Address

No 10 - Reassignment of COSEC (this module is applicable for a company where there is/are no more existing company secretary due to bankrupt/deceased/disqualified/can no be contacted/blacklisted/vacate or resignation)

No 11 - Notification of Change in the Register of Director, Manager and Secretary (this is where you can make notification of change in the register of director, manager and secretary)

For Menu No 9 to No 11

Look forward to start using it.

Level 17 for Sdn Bhd and LLP matters

Plenty of Kiosk for DIY at level 17

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