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SME - Have you apply SRF (Special Relief Facilities)

Updated: Apr 14, 2020


Under the RM2 billion stimulus package announced on February 27, the BNM’s SRF aims to alleviate the short-term cash flow problems faced by the SMEs due to the outbreak.

On 27.03.2020, PM8 announced another additional RM3 billion and lower rate of 3.5% (including 0.5% CGC fee)


【财经+斌】01.04.2020 主题:PRIHATIN的特别援助担保便利是怎么回事?

嘉宾:张国林 CGC非执行董事

What is SRF?

Special Relief Facility for SMEs affected by COVID-19

* As Working Capital

* In the form of TERM LOAN

* Repayment start at 7th Month (first 6 months no need to pay installment or interest)

* Tenure up to 60 months (total 66 months including first 6 months)

* Financing Rate is 3.50% (inclusive of CGC Fee)

* Up to RM1 million per SME


Where can SME apply ?

Most of the commercial Banks.

1. Public Bank

- Click to apply >>

2. CIMB Bank

Click HERE to WhatsApp to Nicholas if your company has Banking Account with CIMB

3. Hong Leong Bank

4. Maybank


Requirements ?

1. Malaysia SME business, as defined by SME Corporation Malaysia.

2. Shareholders' fund not more than RM5 million

3. Shareholding by PLC or GLC not more than 20%

4. Shareholding by Malaysian must be more than 51%

5. Documents required, including but not limited to, varies from Bank to Bank

- Copy of NRIC of the Directors/Shareholders

- SSM Documents

Talk to your Accountants if you need assistance on preparing Loan Application Documents.

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