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What is Beneficial Ownership?

Recently, Many business owners/directors received letters/email from their Company Secretary.

What is BO?


Beneficial ownership is a term in domestic and international commercial law which refers to the natural person or persons "who ultimately own or control a legal entity or arrangement, such as a company, a trust, or a foundation".[1] The legal owner (i.e. the owner on the record) may be described as the "registered owner", and if they are not the beneficial owner they may be described as a "nominee".

Why the trouble to declare BO?

It is required by the law to prevent abuse of financial arrangement via legal ownership to hide the real (beneficial) owner.

Should we sign the letter to declare BO?


Compliance in Malaysia will only get 'more' and 'more' in future. Just be prepared for it.

References for BO

0) BO Effective Date 1) Malaysian Lawyer on BO a) 9.3.2020:point_down:

2) Guideline for BO Reporting Framework-27.2.2020 (word) a)

(Seminar slide) d)

(Seminar slide) e)

(Seminar Slide) 4) Guidelines for BO Reporting Framework 69pgs (Revised) v3(2).pdf

(latest Guidelines 10.9.2020) 5) Beneficial Ownership Reporting.pdf (AR attachement) -

(Generate TXT file AR) -

(Excel Attachm AR) 6) Youtube -

7) EITI - "Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative - Snfang

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